Why Certification?




In order to achieve true repentance through personal development, we set a goal in PMtutor; all participants are encouraged to obtain an international certification to conclude their trainings. The reasons to obtain certification cannot be over-emphasized:




  1. Certification is an impartial, third-party endorsement of an individual’s professional knowledge.


  1. Certification evaluates whether an individual possess the education, experience and professional knowledge to meet industry standard.


  1. Certification ensures companies and organization that their training investments and their employees are satisfactory.


  1. Certification is targeted at executives who are interested in being indispensable at the work place showing mastery at their discipline.


  1. Certification allows individuals to participate in their own professional destiny.


  1. Certifications are portable since they are not based on one company’s definition of certain job or level of training.




Although we look beyond this justifiable reasons and use certification as a tool to focus on the conscious self-development of our participants. Above all, we have been able to successfully re-segment an existing Project Management market with a low cost and quality strategy to produce Practical approach to all theoretical trainings here: