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This is a 10-page report that will give you insight into career success. It is highly motivational and capable to exhortation. It combines thoughts from Albert Einstein and Jesus Christ. It is a must-read for those who want to succeed in their chosen career. You can get it for free by subscribing to our newsletter. To read more and subscribe, kindly click HERE.


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The PMP exam is one of the most difficult standardize test in the world and the most expensive. On the flip side, it is arguable the highest paying certification with regards to corporate remuneration. Failing it is really not an option but with 20% success rate in the exam, how to prepare is very important. Fortunate for you, I have used all the good preparatory materials out there – from the hyped to the branded – I categorically and unequivocally choose Andy Crowe’s THE PMP EXAM – HOW TO PASS ON YOUR FIRST TRY. The ease, the flow and the relevance to the actual exam is my reason for picking this book. To get your copy, kindly click HERE

jobfinderThis is one book I am extremely proud of; it took 5 whole years to develop this 900-page content and create a perfect fit for the Nigerian market targeting fresh graduates seeking opportunity for plush jobs in companies like Mobil, Shell, Chevron, Total, Schlumberger, PriceWaterHouse Coopers, KPMG, Cadbury and major banks in Nigeria. The testimonies associated with this book is phenomenal and I have personally used the materials to secure jobs in Access Bank and Globacom; To get your copy, kindly click HERE

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JESUSDo you know the reason why you are still struggling with a dying business? Why your relationship seems not to be working? Why you cannot get the man of your dreams? Why you seem not to have enough money? Why you have not got that dream job? This is simply because you do not know how to SELL. You can never know how to sell if you do not follow the steps of the greatest salesman that ever walked the planet earth. He has over 50% of the world’s population following Him: He has the bestselling book in the whole world: He has the most famous brand in the world and the lists go on. This book would provoke and expose your mind and hopefully your spirit to how Jesus sells. This book is for serious minded Christians. You may pre-order @ 20% discount by clicking HERE. 50% of the proceeds goes to tithing.

SwedeMBA is undoubtedly one of the best investments for upwardly mobile executives. Where you do your MBA is as important as what you will achieve with the MBA. The beauty of it is getting such an accredited professional knowledge totally tuition-free. Unbelievable! Well, that is for those who do not have the right information. This book unveils everything you need to get admitted and do your MBA totally tuition-FREE. It also exposes the secret of getting your Swedish residence permit without hassles. This book comes out in June! Pre-ordering of the books gets you a 20% discount; please, kindly click HERE to show interest

dgcx-dipo-final1After a consistent 50% increase in my funds by trading in commodities electronically, I realize this book is a must-have for serious minded upwardly mobile individuals who know the difference between financial freedom and financial slavery. There is no better way to secure your hard earned funds than to trade it into commodities and there is no better way to fully understand how to trade commodities in a structured organized environment like the commodity exchange. It is only the rich that understand the concept of hedging your funds and it is only companies that know we live in an uncertain world that secure their raw materials electronically. The best part of it is how careers can be built from being a commodity professional. This book has been broken down in a very simple manner to accommodate all variety of leanings. You may DOWNLOAD this book; please, kindly click HERE.