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October 9, 2006

What’s Love Got to Do with it?

The word love (in the context of male and female relationship) is often misconstrued; no wonder people use it in the context that totally disagrees with the real meaning of it. If I ask you what love is, you will definitely pause to think about it and the answer you will give may be right […]

July 3, 2006


England won their ticket to the quarterfinals of the ongoing FIFA World Cup thanks to David Beckham who has established himself as an expert in free kicks. The game was a normal one until a player was brought down in an area generally known as Beckham’s terriotory. The referee gave a free kick, which Beckham […]

June 26, 2006


HIJACKED!!! “President Olusegun Obasanjo is the best president from the south of Sahara to the north of limpopo” Comment by youth at the presidential youth forum on agriculture. Do you know that the presidency has allocated a sum of 1 billion Naira for the development of young people towards the achievement of the Millennium Development […]