December 26, 2017

Final PMP Training + 30-day Mentoring

We are holding our final PMP training for the 5th Edition PMBOK Guide Exam on the 6th, 7th, 13th and 14th January 2018. This gives ample time to study and prepare for the aforementioned exam, which terminates on the 25th of March 2018. Interested candidates interested in this 5th Edition version of the PMP Exam are encouraged to join this schedule as we will going on hiatus for 2-months to design and build new original contents and resources for services like the 6th Edition PMP Examination.



After realizing a substantial amount of PMP exam candidates that we trained this year, previously failed the PMP exam before engaging the services of PMtutor, we decided to formulate a mentoring program to “error-proof” our treatment to further guarantee pass at first try. To implement this 30-day Certification Mentoring Program, our team drew inspiration from the 1-week mentoring processes of our quasi-perfect success record in IASSC Green and Black Belt Examinations.



Certification Examination Candidates will now have the opportunity of participating in our 30-day Mentoring Program. This new coaching initiative is focused on helping serious candidates to prepare and study towards passing Project Management Certification Examinations (like PMP, BA and Lean Six Sigma) at first try. It comes with a money-back guarantee on coaching fee with only one condition; candidates must follow through on our carefully laid out strategy to ensure victory.



We are commencing this mentoring program with this final PMP training. Interested candidate MUST be an alumnus of the PMtutor Classroom Training hence candidates from other professional training institution interested in this mentoring program must attend this PMP training with PMtutor. The format for PMP is simple; there will be regular concurrent meetings to ensure adherence to deliverables and schedule comprising 2 virtual weekday meetings at 10pm and 1 weekend physical meeting totaling 13 meetings before taking the certification exam.





The advantages of this mentoring program include the following:


  1. Your investment is guaranteed
  2. Focus on understanding the content versus memorizing
  3. Ensures focus on the right contents and removes all forms of lethargy
  4. Perfect for professionals with enormous workloads
  5. Integrating good practice Project Management to existing work




4-Day PMP Training: N55, 000

30-Day Mentoring Program: N150, 000 N50, 000 (67% discount for the 1st Program)


N/B: Mentoring Program is optional




PAYMENT INFORMATION: Monies can be paid to:

Access Bank

Poet Solvers Limited




Poet Solvers Ventures


Those that paid to the bank should please, send their teller number to this email address (support [at] pmtutor [dot] org).

N/B: For Security Reasons, we may not collect payments in our office or at the date of training. All payments must be settled via the means above. 



Snapshot of the Our approach to the PMBOK 5th Edition Knowledge Area.


Chapter 1 – Project Management Introduction

  1. Stakeholder Analysis
  2. Project Management Plan
  3. Enterprise Environmental Factor
  4. Competing Project Constraint
  5. Business Case, SOW and Project Charter
  6. Baseline
  7. Role of PM


Chapter 2 – Project Scope Management

  1. Plan Scope Management
  2. Collect Requirement
  3. Define Scope
  4. Create WBS
  5. Validate Scope
  6. Control Scope



Chapter 3 – Project Time Management

  1. Plan Time Management
  2. Define Activities
  3. Sequence Activities
  4. Estimate Activity Resources
  5. Estimate Activity Duration
  6. Develop Schedule
  7. Control Schedule



Chapter 4 – Project Cost Management

  1. Plan Cost Management
  2. Estimate Cost
  3. Determine Budget
  4. Control Cost
  5. Intro to Earned Value
  6. Advanced Earned Value Management



Chapter 5 – Project Quality Management

  1. Plan Quality Management
  2. Perform Quality Assurance
  3. Control Quality
  4. Advanced Quality Management Tools
  5. 7 Quality Management Tools



Chapter 6 – Project Human Resources Management

  1. Plan Human Resource Management
  2. Acquire Project Team
  3. Develop Project Team
  4. Manage Project Tea
  5. Advanced HR Theory 1
  6. Advanced HR Theory 2



Chapter 7 – Project Communication Management

  1. Plan Communications Management
  2. Manage Communications
  3. Control Communications



Chapter 8 – Project Risk Management

  1. Plan Risk Management
  2. Identify Risks
  3. Perform Qualitative Analysis
  4. Perform Quantitative Analysis
  5. Plan Risk Responses
  6. Control Risk



Chapter 9 – Project Procurement Management

  1. Plan Procurement Management
  2. Conduct Procurement
  3. Control Procurement
  4. Close Procurement



Chapter 10 – Project Integration Management

  1. Develop Project Charter
  2. Develop Project Management Plan
  3. Direct and Manage Project Work
  4. Perform Integrated Change Control
  5. Monitor and Control Project Work
  6. Close Project or Phase
  7. Advance Cost Theory



Chapter 11 – Project Stakeholder Management

  1. Identify Stakeholder
  2. Plan Stakeholder Management
  3. Manage Stakeholder Engagement
  4. Control Stakeholder Engagement


Chapter 12 – Mock Exam


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