September 30, 2015

Vote of Confidence

Saraki has truly impressed me on his leadership abilities – Getting 83 elected public servant to publicly judge you innocent when there is 50% probability that you are guilty takes ingenuity and suave. The implication is easy to see – he can influence 83 senators to impeach the president even on a slight misdemeanor by the executive. This is truly not good for democracy in Nigeria. The danger lies in the fact there is no direct implication to the 83 senators for passing this vote of confidence on an accused corrupt official. Assuming Saraki is found “guilty”, what happens to the political careers of these senators?




I respect talent when I see one but I am concerned about the use of talent. 50% is too risky for 83 senators to be so short-sighted and proclaim innocence without any corroborating evidence or proof. Let’s stop celebrating corruption and stop all these unnecessary arguments along ideology and party lines. The off shoot of corruption is not good for the commonwealth of Nigeria. If someone has a 50% of being guilty, how can we tolerate such vice and communicate publicly to the world that “stealing is NOT corruption and corruption is ok”. If this precedence of impunity persists, we are unlocking monsters in the average citizenry and youth of Nigeria,




Let us say NO to corruption!





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