April 6, 2010

ICE 4 Days: An Investment worth Taking

Airline2 SSomeone once asked me what I enjoyed doing and the first thought that came to me was passing across exciting information that would empower those who need it. I do this through various creative mediums like writing, teaching and I hope to produce films some days. I am so passionate about this that I could go to the ends of the earth to either acquire or deliver these kinds of information (not literarily (lol)).

Ok, this year,s Canton Fair promises to be exciting with unbelievable new products and I am favored that my VISA came through because relevant and remarkable products equal big returns in investment. Anyway, I recently came across a remarkable product worth investing in; it is a Reusable Dry Ice Gel Pack branded Ice 4 Days: or you could simply called it Rechargeable Ice Block. It boosts the performance of your freezer turning it into a mini cold room. This literarily means that it can preserve your perishable goods longer than normal.

Airline4 SThis rechargeable Ice block works NEPA or No NEPA. How, you may want to know? when in the deep freezer, it will be recharging when there is NEPA and when there is no NEPA, it will continue to work by keeping everything inside the freezer frozen for many days because of the polymer refrigerant inside. Imagine 6 sheets of Ice 4 Days in 48 liters cooler and EVERYTHING in that cooler stays cold for 2 days…. 2 DAYS! WOW!

There are so many typical applications I could share but let’s consider the most obvious ones; Shade cooks soup on Sunday and stores in the fridge hoping to eat through-out the week but due to inconsistent energy supply, she warms it continuously decreasing the soup quality. Yinka buys some frozen stuffs from the supermarket but due to inconsistent power supply, it gets damaged. Placing the rechargeable ice in your fridge, saves energy and power consumption assuring you of cold and fresh substances when you get back from work.

Techni03 199x300It also has a dual usage; apart from preserving your perishable goods by making it colder than usual, it can also be placed in cooler or microwave to make your food hotter than usual. When Rechargeable Ice Block is placed in warm food, it preserves the heat three times longer than an average cooler. I am sure your minds should start going to parties, camping, keeping baby feeding bottle warm as the case may be, etc. Apart from all these, the perks that totally bought me over includes:

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  1. It has a 3-years reusable warranty
  2. It is made in Australia under the brand name “Techni Ice”
  3. It is made of heavy duty polymer plastic to resist puncture
  4. Comes Dry and Easy to Hydrate in Water
  5. Multiple Usage: cold or hot
  6. Microwavable and Washable
  7. Can be cut into cube size
  8. Non Toxic: Food grade plastic.

Make Money On Line Thumb 300x200So what am I looking for? I am looking to form a team of serious minded intrapreneurs who have a minimum of Fifty Thousand Naira (N50, 000) to invest. We would be meeting this Saturday on the 10th of April, 2010 @ the Imperial Chinese Restaurant, Victoria Island. To get more details about the meeting and agenda, kindly click HERE. Hope you had a lovely Easter Holiday? Have a wonderful week ahead!

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