Short Courses

PMtutor offers the following short courses (below) to improve knowledge, skill and work productivity during your team building exercises, workshops or conference. All courses are time-elastic varying from 2hours to 8hours. It is appropriate for both one-to-one and group training. These are unscheduled courses hence tailored to suit your schedule for weekdays only. Training Fees are billed hourly excluding expenses for out-of-office engagements.




  1. Building Your Own Business Model
  2. Developing a Predictive Model
  3. LEAN Entrepreneur: How to run a business with LEAN tools
  4. Developing an Effective Business Case
  5. Business and Financial Simulation with Monte Carlo Methods
  6. Conducting An Effective Risk Analysis
  7. How to Estimate Schedule and Cost for any Project
  8. The Complete S-Curve Course
  9. Using Descriptive Statistics for Effective Reporting
  10. Becoming a Business Analyst vs. Business Analytics
  11. Becoming a Project Manager
  12. Becoming a Lean Six Sigma Consultant
  13. Data Analytics for Problem Solving and Decision Making Strategies
  14. Use Case Model for Business Analysis
  15. SQL for Business Analysis and Analytics
  16. Developing a Value Stream Map
  17. Value Proposition Design
  18. Understanding the Kanban Method
  19. Business Application of Control Charts
  20. Facilitate Project Success with Optimal Program Management
  21. Mergers and Acquisition
  22. United Nations Jobs Guides
  23. How to Immigrate to Canada using Express Entry
  24. The Complete Guide to Importing From China



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