PM Jobs

This is a proactive endeavour to meet clients request for CVs for the following Project Management Jobs:

Please, submit your Applications and CV to the appropriate positions below by clicking the SUBMIT.

Also, send email with CV attached to “” using the appropriate title below that fits your position as email subject.


1. Project Managers . [rsjpSubmit]



2.  Project Scheduler and Planner. [rsjpSubmit]



3. Project  Monitoring and Control. [rsjpSubmit]



4. Project Cost Controller. [rsjpSubmit]



5. Project Quality Control/Quality Assurance. [rsjpSubmit]



6. Project Procurement. [rsjpSubmit]



7.  Project Business Analyst. [rsjpSubmit]



8. Project Risk Management. [rsjpSubmit]



9. Project Estimator. [rsjpSubmit]



10. Lean Six Sigma. [rsjpSubmit]