September 2, 2015

6Sigma Interview: Alex Okoro

There are a lot of lessons I have gleaned from my entrepreneurship journey but the most important lesson till date is to focus on customer demand as bases of product design. I cannot begin to enumerate the countless times I have been financially burnt trying to push what I perceive as an innovative product to […]

July 27, 2015

6Sigma Interview: 50% off Green Belt Training

Are you immigrating to Canada, Australia or New Zealand? This is a chance to save almost 400K Naira versus other institutes Green Belt training program. PMtutor is giving you the chance to gain a practical lifetime skill that will influence your career astronomically. Our training is backed with a 100% guarantee pass on both IASSC […]

June 29, 2015

6Sigma Interview: Solomon Grande

Every sustained successful change must be altered from the root cause of the identified problem. The root cause of every problem that a corporate entity faces, can be traced to their everyday process in achieving their varying objectives – whether hiring of staffs, creating reports, producing goods or delivering services to their customers. This is why a […]

June 18, 2015

6Sigma Interview – Green or Black Belt?

Certification is not an end in itself – it is simply a goal setting tool for personal development and capacity building. Through experience, I realized that applied skills are developed through “doing” NOT “reading”. However, sustained expert-level skills are not gained solely through “trial and error”; it requires a strong theoretical mastery to act as […]

January 27, 2015

6Sigma Interview: Talk with an ICBB

Investing in a career objective requires careful research. ICBB is the only 3rd Party Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification in the world. Being a 3rd Party credential, IASSC (International Association of Six Sigma Certification), can be appropriated to any geographical region and industry without bias. We kick off this years training promo with a talk […]

November 23, 2014

6Sigma Interview: A Black Belt Story

As I sat down listening to him, I was impressed with his story. He started importation of Agricultural tools with N150,000 and has built to an estimated 800 million per annum for 4 years now. His bank statements in my hands were surreal and now he needs consult on Six Sigma. He wanted a process […]

September 23, 2014

6Sigma Interview: The Black Belt Story of a Mechanic

Olaleye is his name – he is much an entrepreneur as he is a mechanic. In 6 Sigma speak; I would definitely call him a positively skewed outlier. He has rejected employment offers from Total, Mobil and Schlumberger. He defies the average 27-year old youths’ paradigm in Nigeria with the following academic accolades –Diploma, Bachelors […]

April 16, 2013

CEO of

After watching the 8-part documentary on “The Men that Built America” on History Channel, I realized how important entrepreneurs are to the society and how reading an interview or story from an entrepreneur has affected some of my business decisions. I decided to go back and re-read an interview I had with Seun Osewa in 2006 […]