January 18, 2018

Insight into the Mentoring Program

Thank you for showing interest in the mentoring program.

This program is focused on passing the PMP Exam at first try. We have designed a 100% “error proof “system that has been validated by over 600 candidates.

However, this system only works if you work the system.


First set of mentees.

We will run this treatment for the next 5 weeks starting on the 21st January till 25th of February.

It is totally question-based!

It is a combination of self-study online + live virtual + physical classroom meetings

The live virtual meeting is an optional one-to-one meeting for those that need more explanation in any core area. It takes place Tuesday and Thursday 10pm to 11.59pm. interested candidate should book for a slot via email.

The self-study online is a simulation environment that mirrors the PMP Examination Environment. It is made up of Practice and Evaluation Session.

The Practice Session will leverage your understanding of the course by explaining key concept of attempted question and referring you to the study material.

The Evaluation Session will be used to score and gauge your understanding.

Resources like Audio Flash Cards, Dumps, Formula Sheet, ITTOs and Crossword Puzzles are also available in our Self Study Online Platform.

For your calendar, please, find schedule below for physical classroom meetings. All classroom meeting are compulsory and are necessary for full review of Evaluation Questions.


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