October 15, 2015

Fashola’s Ministerial Confirmation

I will score ex-Governor Fashola (BRF) – 8 out of 10 – for his performance during the Ministerial Confirmation at the Senate. Despite his contradictory response on the website and borehole procurement, I will give the Senate a pass for not asking more probing question on the issue. Since this was not a judicial proceeding, shifting the blame was the smart thing to do at this point and let’s face it, he is the best of the crop. Since oratory has a way of blinding the best if us (leadership aficionados), I am impressed with some of his other responses and quotes which I believe should be etched in yours truly digital stone.






“USA owes over $16trillion ..but yet we go to their hospitals, universities, Disney world and they also dictates what is happening all over the world.. I will like to be such debtor”

– BRF using USA as a case study for successful debt financing



“Those who want to benefit from the commonwealth must contribute to the common purse”

-BRF giving insight into increased IGR



“We can redress political abuses but there is no process that can bring back the life of a citizen.”

– BRF on Police decentralization and comparing the life of a citizen to fear surrounding abuse of power by State Governors.



”The right to freedom is not absolute.It carries the responsibility to not be a nuisance”

-BRF explaining his action on destitute in Lagos



“May your loyalty not be tested.”

– BRF educating the senate on the danger of loosely defining loyalty without true experience.



“I see criminals as my competitors, and I want to win always”

– BRF highlighting security strategy adopted in Lagos State



“Instead of borrowing to buy a generator..i will rather borrow and build a power plant, thereby reducing our overhead.”

– BRF educating senators on the need to prioritize debt financing.



“There is no way we can conceptualize long term project in Nigeria today without borrowing”

-BRF encouraging debt financing for capital projects.



“Credibility of a government is not how far it has in bank but how credible it is to manage its debt”

-BRF educating senators on the importance of cash flow



”Before we increase taxes, we must optimize the capacity to get that which is in the place”

-BRF explaining that Collection Strategy is more vital than an arbitrary increase in taxation.

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