January 2, 2013

PMBOK 5th Edition Release

Happy New 2013! It’s amazing how the largest Project Management body in the world cannot keep to schedule. They prefer to reduce inventory risk and optimize “rush demand” by booking the hardcopy of the PMBOK 5 in advance. Why not put the soft copy for sale – who needs hardcopy anyway?







Ok, that was I gloating after earnestly waiting to procure a copy on the 1st of January only to be disappointed by the Advance Booking trap. Anyway, for those who are curious like me, please, see below the changes to expect in the PMBOK 5 edition:




  • Addition of a new knowledge area called ‘Stakeholder Management’ (going from 9 to 10 Knowledge areas)
  • PMBOK 5th Edition has now 248 pages minus the glossary.
  • 5 new processes have been added (going from 42 to 47 Processes)
  • Definition of a Project Management Office (PMO) expanded.
  • Project life cycles expanded.
  • Direct and Manage Project Execution’ changed to ‘Direct and Manage Project Work’
  • Addition of ‘Plan Scope Management process’
  • ‘Verify Scope’ changed to ‘Validate Scope’
  • Addition of ‘Plan Schedule Management’
  • Addition of ‘Plan Cost Management’
  • ‘Plan Quality’ changed to ‘Plan Quality Management’
  • ‘Perform Quality Control’ changed to ‘Control Quality’
  • ‘Develop Human Resource Plan’ changed to ‘Plan Human Resource Management’
  • ‘Monitor and Control Risks’ changed to ‘Control Risks’
  • ‘Plan Procurements’ changed to ‘Plan Procurement Management’
  • ‘Administer Procurements’ changed to ‘Control Procurements’
  • Addition of ‘Plan Stakeholder Management’
  • ‘Manage Stakeholder Expectations’ changed to ‘Manage Stakeholder Engagement’
  • Addition of ‘Control Stakeholders Engagement’
  • ‘Work performance measurement’ changed to ‘Work performance data’
  • ‘Positive Risks’ changed to ‘opportunity’




If you are interested in booking the book in advance, kindly click PMBOK 5 Advance Booking HERE



If you want to know more about the changes from PMBOK 4th edition, kindly click PMI Media HERE



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