July 12, 2012

Variation – The Killer of Dreams

I can vaguely remember a poem recital that relates the success of a man to his habit but good habits are difficult to cultivate and sustain. I read or heard somewhere that if you want to normalize a habit in your life, you simply need to do the habit 30 times at a constant interval – 30 being the breakthrough number that makes the good habit stick. If you decide to have a good prayer life, you can pray 15 minutes every morning for 30 days and it will surely stick.



Now in order for this habit to stick, it must be constant at the same time everyday. If you pray on Monday and forget to pray on Tuesday and pray on Wednesday, Thursday and forget to pray on Friday then you have what is known as variation which is an antithesis to breakthrough. It does not have to be everyday, it could be every week, month or year. Keeping to a constant regiment is very difficult but once you keep at it to the 30th interval, the result is phenomenon.



In the business world, variation is an issue and those who know how to keep things constant are highly respected and paid handsomely. A business process cannot be stable or capable if there are certain types of variations hence blue chip companies spend huge amounts of money to professionals to run projects that can remove variations in their processes. These professionals are very difficult to find especially in developing countries like Nigeria.



These professionals are called Six Sigma professionals – they are highly valued by their companies because they can increase the revenue of their companies by saving their companies millions of dollars in hidden cost. However, the training is a bit pricey – a six-sigma training leading to black belt certification can cost up to $4000 (approx. N600, 000) in the United States and average about N300, 000 in Nigeria. In our bid to empower Nigerians financially, we are offering this training at an outrageous fee of 50K limited to 5 delegates only.



However, there is a catch? You must come together with a guest for the training. It could be your wife, your colleague or anybody. This means you can end up paying 25K for a training of 300k by just pairing up with your colleague and sharing the 50K bonus fee. We are also adding Lean training to the equation. This is an opportunity for those who want a radical improvement their career and become indispensable at their work place. In addition, those that have PMP certification can get 55 PDUs by attending this training.



To know more about Six Sigma, you can click HERE for our FAQ


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