May 26, 2011

Check Your Weight and Make Money

Back in my undergrad days, I wondered why students were crazy about their weights. Whenever weight guys (permit me to call them that) come around chanting; “check your weight” – almost everyone wants to check their weight. It wasn’t as if we had anything to worry about since the school routine forces us to be healthy – the word “dieting” was not even in the lingo. No matter what we ate, the strenuous activities like reading all night, jumping from one lecture room to the other, sleeping late, waking early and eating nothing close to balanced diet, forces us to be thin and unusually healthy.


However, the tables turn after getting a good job and spending like 3 years into it – there is no mental stress, no worrying, no physical activity – we sit in-front of our computers, attend meetings, go home in our cars and we start getting fatter. It is so subtle that we don’t notice immediately unless we compare our past pictures with the new or we get comments like “wow, you are getting big!” or worst still, guys start taking herbs to prevent erectile dysfunction. The funny part is that we do nothing holistic about it but look for quick fixes.


I started getting bothered about my weight after calculating my Body Mass Index (BMI); it wasn’t as if I could not do what I normally do anymore but I realized the health implications if the trend continues. I have heard, read and seen people who have died of obesity without being symptomatic – just in a twinkle of an eye; he had a heart attack after he was fired from work. The funny part about a high BMI is that it is not physically obvious for some people – you could look thin and still be overweight. You need to go back to your passion of weight- checking as you did during your undergrad days.


Body mass index (BMI) is a measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to adult men and women. In order to calculate it, you need the weight (in Kilograms or pounds) or height (in meters or feet). Just insert these two parameters into the BMI calculator and get your result – see the interpretation below:

  • Underweight = <18.5
  • Normal weight = 18.5–24.9
  • Overweight = 25–29.9
  • Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater

There are so many methods one can apply to reducing your weight and staying healthy like going to the gym regularly, eating the right meal, taking long works, exerting your mental energy, etc – doing all this would not be effective if you do not have the right scale to measure your progress. Normally, after the age of 23, your height remains constant, while your weight changes thus what you need is an accurate weighing scale. A scale that is sexy, attractive and most importantly accurate.


We present to you our Electronic Digital LCD Glass Bathroom Scale. We give you digital scales over analogue because they are easy to read and more accurate. This is a must-have for any working executive that sets his/her eyes on it. In our usual style of empowering Nigerians financially, we present to you the Check Your Weight and Make Money Program:


Recommended Retail Price: N5, 000

CYWMM Program Price: N3, 500 (Purchase of a set of 6 units)

Profit on one unit: N1, 500

Return on Investment: 42.857%


Scenario for a set of 6 units

Capital Invested: N3, 500 X 6 = N21, 000

Returns: N5, 000 X 6 = N30, 000

Profit: N30, 000 – N21, 000 = N9, 000

Imagine this return on a larger quantity……

Sample of 1 unit is at the recommended Retail Price, this program and the price-point is only for Lagos residence and cost of home/office delivery is based on the distance from our warehouse in Apapa. It is averaged at N500. Please, kindly click HERE to make your order or call 08024026912.


We are giving it to you – grab it  now!


Have a wonderful day!



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