December 3, 2010

Unbelievable Wholesale Deal

2979912122 702accfdcb MThe year is ending; we need to close our books and get rid of old stocks. So we are offering opportunity seekers in Lagos, the deal that may either save or put money in their pockets. Unfortunately, this deal closes while the old stocks last but we forecast 20th of December, 2010. Forget about hampers this XMAS, these are gifts that will inspire the recipients to pray for you forever…….


1. Mini Washing Machine

41fHfgPayOL SL500 AA300 We have sold 4, 312 units of this product from April this year till date; it’s quite hot! You can team up with your colleagues to procure it or simply sell to them. The choice is yours! Check out the features;

  • 12 months warrantee.
  • It requires no plumbing work
  • Power consumption is just 140w (i.e 2 light bulbs); it can be powered conveniently by I BETTER PASS UR NEIGHBOR
  • It can use any detergent and soap compared to the customized detergent (like Persil) of the traditional washing machine
  • It can wash jeans, bed sheets, shirts, etc.
  • Weight is 5.5kg, very light and has a sleek design with Timer;

Price = N18, 500 Wholesale Deal = Buy 2 units @ N16, 500 each (Save or Make 2K each)


  1. Power Massager

MassagerMassager 300x260This is a potentially fast selling product that every executive should have to relieve stress. It can be used in the office, in the car and anywhere.

  • Perfect gift for your parents and wife
  • It improves blood circulation and reduces stress and pressure.
  • Suitable for all parts of the body; relaxes muscle and makes you feel comfortable
  • It has three LED illuminated massage head during working time
  • Could be used in the office, at home, anywhere
  • It has 12 months warrantee

Price = N5, 500 Wholesale Deal = Buy 5 @ N2,000 each (save or make N3, 500 each)


1. Car Air Purifier
Toolsforwellnesscom 2111 15312463Simple and short; it brings nature to the city and commonly referred to as “Vitamins in Air”……

Product Features (Summary):

  • Plugs Easily and Directly into Car Lighter Socket
  • Generates Negative ions to eliminate odors and allergens for a fresher driving environment
  • Avoid dizziness, dazzling and nausea caused by small space and poor ventilation.
  • It can promote blood circulation and metabolism, regularize internal secretion by inhaling a lot of negative ion air.
  • With colorful light, it can relieve strained mind and adjust the atmosphere in the car.
  • Effectively Eliminates Odors, Dust, Pollen and Smoke
  • Helps Relieve Fatigue and Promotes Alertness
  • Attractive Illuminated Tip
  • Chemical & Maintenance Free Design
  • Quiet Operation
  • It has 12 months warantee

Price = N5, 000 Wholesale Deal = Buy 5 units for N3, 000 each (Save or make 2K each)


1. Car Vacuum Cleaner

AV1205-BDThe most effective way of cleaning the interior of a car is to vacuum clean it

  • makes use of suction technology which reduces the pressure inside the vacuum cleaner forcing outside pressure to compensate the vacuum created inside the pressure
  • This forces the entire microscopic agents (dust, tick, fleas, etc) inside the vacuum cleaner
  • It is washable
  • It has 12 months warrantee

Price = N5, 000 Wholesale Deal = Buy 5 units @ N3, 000 each (Save or make 2K each)


To participate in the wholesale deal, kindly call 08024026912 or click here to make your order

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