June 9, 2009


422pbfinale-sc46-0113Ok, I decided to take a one-week break from all my business activities only to resume today to a hacked site. Wow! Humans can decide to be frigging wicked whenever they have the power to. Well, no need to dwell on the negative; I would just have to rebuild my site again. My week off was spent watching all kinds of serial program from The Complete Apprentice Season 8 to the Complete 7th Season of 24 down to the complete Season 4 of Prison Break with the final “not-yet released” Final Break (to be released July 21st) which happens to be the last chapter of the Prison Break except they bring Michael Scofield back from the dead.


There are many life lessons I picked up from this final episode tagged “Final Break” that I would love to share with you. These lessons are very instructive to my cause on financial freedom: You may listen to my previous podcast on Prison Break by clicking HERE

1. Sarah Tancredi was thrown to jail; it’s amusing the way they contrasted the difference between prison and jail; jail is a temporary restrain until you are convicted while prison is where you go when you are convicted. Challenges would never go away. I realized that all challenges have similar pattern despite different circumstances and level of exposure. The more challenges you solve, you would be able to draw the same pattern after a while. If you can solve the relationship challenges between you and your wife; it would be easier to solve the challenges between you and your boss though they may pose differently, they have the same underlying challenge – relationship. So stop running away from challenges, you need to face it head on so you can easily solve challenges. If you do not solve the challenges you face now, they would come back and haunt you in a different form.

2. Michael was reputed for breaking out of prison –this was a plus rather than a minus because they believe he can do it, he actually did it. This is very vital in your path towards financial freedom. You build authority by solving challenges along the way. This authority would let you have it easy as you try to solve other issues. Due to the authority that Michael had of breaking prison, the prison wardens and the FBI were very apprehensive and hence paranoid about Michael breaking his wife out of prison. This apprehension was actually what made it easy for Michael to break the prison. Whatever you do in life, build momentum towards your goal; try to have as little success as you can which would give you more confidence to pursue your goal.

3. Mahone had the choice of getting his career back by betraying his friends but chose freedom. Freedom from the hatred, anger and betrayal of a friend. When Cane killed Abel, it was not just because he was jealous because he wanted to be the first at the detriment of his brother. Never undermine your friends for success because that success would never last. The principle of getting ahead by undermining your fellow brother is a common practice in our lives. I realize that it is sweeter when all your friends are financially free than to have only you financially free in the midst of them. When public funds are stolen by politicians, it the people that suffer. When corruption is permitted by weak judicial systems, it comes to haunt us in the form of armed robbery and other vices which hinders foreign direct investment that may alleviate poverty in our nation.

4. T-bag was very instrumental to the escape plan: He thought he was “ratting” them out of the escape plan but he did not know that his action was the very route to their escape. If Satan had known, he would not have killed Jesus Christ. It’s very useless to quarrel with people no matter what they have done to you because you would eventually need them even when they seem to be hurting you. Whenever, I request a favor and I am turned down, I am always very happy (well, I don’t show it to the person) because every “NO” means there is a potential “YES” somewhere else even better than the one I seek for. What you need is to see the big picture and you would see how the person characteristics fit to your overall plan.

5. Eventually, Michael had to sacrifice his life to save his wife and unborn baby. Now this is one of the most crucial lessons of them all. There is really nothing in this world that you cannot achieve or get, it just involves sacrifice. What do you want? What are you willing to sacrifice to get it? This is the bottom line of every true achievement. Okay, so many people want freedom but not so many people want to pay for it. Stop crying or worrying you need to do what is necessary to get it. It may involve working for FREE, paying for that training, working and allowing your boss get the glory, training 10 hours every day, etc. There is really nothing you cannot get in this world if you believe; that believe is solidified in your actions.

As we all seek to break out of our proverbial prisons, I hope these 5 life lessons I learnt from the Final Break would be useful to you. Have a fun filled week!

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