January 26, 2009

Commodity Alleviates Poverty



There is really no better way to promote my new book than to allow you to watch and listen to this heart-felt talk by Eleni Gabre-Madhin – the founder of the first commodities market in Ethiopia, focus on bringing rates and standards (not to mention trading systems, warehousing and data centers) to the trade of crops.



Gabre-Madhin left her earlier job, as a World Bank senior economist in Washington, DC, in part because she was disturbed by the 2002 famine in Ethiopia — after a bumper crop of maize the year before. With prices depressed, many farmers simply left their grain in the field in 2001. But when the rains failed in 2002, a famine of 1984 proportions threatened the country. Her dream is to build a market that protects the African farmers, that often lives at the mercy of forces beyond their control.


This video shows how a lady dreams of bringing certainty in an uncertain world of Ethiopian Farmers. This dream is now a reality and my new book will make you understand the whole concept of Commodity Trading and how it can be localized to protect ourselves in this global economical shambles. It is imperative you get to read this book and in days to come, I will be writing more on this book – Commodity Trading for Start-Ups: A DGCX Perspective.






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