June 6, 2008


Barak Obama’s winning the Democratic Nomination for the Presidential race in America reveals some nuggets we should consider on our climb towards fulfilling our personal destiny. Apart from the rag to riches or obscurity to fame story, there is the record breaking profile of being the first African American to have been nominated by a major party in America. It is imperative we observe his outstanding strategy of raising money which was pivotal to his winning; it was this singular competitive advantage that may have defined the history of America.



We cannot do without money on this earth especially in fulfilling our destiny. Money can be compared to the air we breathe; we cannot exist on earth without inhaling oxygen so is the use of money in fulfilling our destiny. In fighting war, the easiest way to win your opponent is to cut off his economic supply not in combating head on. The reason why people are afraid to follow their inner leanings and passion is primarily based on money. We must learn to produce this money at will and reduce dependency on the physical system if we are serious about fulfilling what God has sent us to accomplish.



The book of Revelation in the bible revealed an economic crisis that may befall man in chapter 13 verse 11 to 18; it talked about obtaining a mark “666” which must differentiate those that are ready to stay in the economical earth system. Those without this mark would not be allowed jobs, commerce, trades, etc. The people in the club “666” would have to do atrocious things in order to join the club; this simply means this people would go against their conscience in order to be economically viable.



Shade is your regular married employee with 6 years labor for an enviable company. Her boss sexually accosted her and threatens her job. Then the mental analysis starts; husband not well paid; how will they sustain the lifestyle they have for their 2 children. Her job is the most important thing to her. She immediately imagined the landlord coming and no money; where would she get a job like this one again? She has tried doing interviews in various places and knew how bad the offer was. She thought of her sickly mother in the village, her 2 siblings in the university and her baby brother in that private secondary school. She can’t allow her mum to die like her dad died of poverty; the inability to take him to the hospital. All resources come from her. She took a glance at her official Toyota Corolla and knew immediately she had to cave in or ship out. She caves in!



This is a normal occurrence in our everyday life and a prophecy from John that this type of scenario would surely happen. The situation does not seem to improve in future as more people become skilled and are ready to take any vacant position. Is there really a solution to this menace that may befall our working class friends? Yes! There is; it is a total paradigm shift from what we are used to. Instead of being at the mercy of your boss; your boss can be at your mercy. You then have the ultimate power to FIRE YOUR BOSS.



It is important to realize that with great power comes responsibility. In order to attain this power, it involves a total renewal of the mind and a shift from mediocre thinking. The path to independence requires some certain level of bleeding and commitment. It is not about sitting on your laurels or achievement but a constant stretch of faith towards excellence. The product from a process like this can only lead to a dynamic perspective with a penchant for effective productivity and superior comprehension of work process and systems. It’s a level you must attain in order to be fully free of John’s prophesy.



I would attempt to convince you why you need to adopt this perspective in life to secure your future happiness. There is definitely going to be worse scenario that shakes your morality and strips your conscience off its natural tendency to be good. Please, kindly review 5 reasons why a perspective like this is central to holistic approach of socio-economic development;



INCREASES YOUR PERSONAL PROFILE: The FIRE YOUR BOSS perspective defines your servitude role; are you either a hired servant or a bond servant? This is the first question you must answer in order to establish the right perspective to work. My sister was hired in one of the banks and was asked to get a guarantor to sign a bond obligating her to stay with them for some period of time or pay for some certain some of money running into millions. I asked her if she wanted to go into it and she said yes. Bonds like this remind me of the slave trade where an individual believes he/she owns another human being.



In the book of Leviticus 25 verse 39 to 55 expounded the concept more clearly warning his people never to bond themselves to anybody but rather to take the role of the hired servant. The hired servant is expected to work for a given period of time and released whenever he wants to. The hired servant is not suppose to have his/her own vision but expected to implement the vision of the Master. His complete devotion and loyalty is to his master because he is expected to increase the capacity of his masters business.



If Shade was increasing her companies business instead of managing the business, it will be difficult for her boss to carry out his threat. If the total revenue of the company was 1 billion USD per annum and Shade generates 250 million USD for the company. The board of directors will know her by name; even the companies competitors would have been wooing her to their company. The boss will never take her as a sexual object but will take her as his precious asset. She will never be aware that sexual assaults occur in the company. If her colleagues tell her their experience of sexual assault, she will find it hard to believe because she will never experience it.



INCREASE THE COMPANY PROFILE: The FIRE YOUR BOSS perspective is a hired servant approach. The story of Jacob and Laban comes to mind where Jacob knew that his company was doing well based on Jacob. When Jacob declared he was leaving him, he was very sad and decided to negotiate with Jacob. The FIRE YOUR BOSS perspective makes you indispensable in your company; the reason your company is your company is basically because of you.



This comes with a total adherence to self improvement and total commitment to getting result. The aim of this perspective is to increase your company profile. If nobody is feeling your impact in the company; just know it’s a matter of time before the company assaults you. If you know it is difficult for you to get this done, it is better you start planning your escape route.



DESTINY DISCOVERY: It is imperative to note that the seed of your destiny is embedded in your present work place. Most people that serve their masters faithfully eventually discover their destiny. The whole concept of FIRE YOUR BOSS is to remove dependency on your company and make your company depend on you through solution and results. Most individuals that are working do not know that where they are is a seed to their future. They are only interested in the money and are not interested in doing anything to increase the business profile.



Your destiny can easily be cut shut when you are not faithful to your workplace instead of sticking to a company and waiting for the pension why not go all the way to increase the company’s profile because therein lies your destiny.



PEACE CREATION: Peace is not the absence of conflict or war but the presence of inward quietness during war or conflict. Peace is the greatest asset a man can have in this jet age where demands and pressure of all kinds can sway people along the path of vanity. There is nothing that kills a company more than a bond servant; a servant so scared of losing his/her job that he/she does nothing to correct the excesses of the company he/she is serving. She/he conforms in order to appear loyal but has their hidden agenda.



The FIRE YOUR BOSS perspective allows for diversity of perspective to a common issue. The employee is not afraid to air his/her views because he/she is not bothered about job loss but about the growth of the organization he/she is working. He/she is aware that his employable status depends on his/her contribution to growth so constructive criticism is encouraged which goes a long way to make corporations very healthy.




ENTREPRENEUSHIP DRIVER: It is important to note that entrepreneurship is a chief driver of any economy and it is the ultimate aim for most employees except those who have found a working environment to fully express their God given talent and skill. The nature of most work place is to suppress your freedom of expression therefore creating an inner dissatisfaction and a vent for disguised pain. With the FIRE YOUR BOSS perspective, you take hold of your destiny, not in a defiant manner or rebellious status but in a way that tells you one day you will be free of the system.




Identifying and implementing an opportunity is in itself efficiently utilizing the world’s resources. In following this dimension of life, we create a better world for ourselves by creating jobs, encouraging productivity and enhancing the overall GDP of a nation. Organization influences the society; the more people go out to build their organization, the easier it is for a society to lean to greater cause.



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