March 22, 2007


“If you are not risking, you are not living” – Dipo Tepede

The title above is the name given by my colleagues in the office to high risk investment which is perceived to ultimately lead to high return on investment. When a military man decides to engage in a coup d’etat, he/she prepares to die. If risk is associated with high returns, then I fail to understand the risk they are talking about. Understanding risk is likened to an excellent comprehension of faith (the substance of things hoped for, creating the evidence of things not seen). Everything in life is definitely a risk; if I go from my house to work to get a 20K/month naira salary and I go the same distance to get a 500K/month naira salary, I am going through the same level of risk with different outcomes. So the notion of high risk leading to high returns is fallacious; the emphasis should be on the right decision for the preferred outcome. So how do we make the right decision? Before I delve deep into this topic, I would love to enumerate the high yield investments that are prevalent in Nigeria today: More...More...More...More...

  1. NOSPETCO: You invest 450K (1 slot) to obtain 40K per month and your initial investment remains the same.
  1. UPHENRY: You invest 500K (1 slot) to obtain 50K per month and your initial investment remains the same.
  1. TREASURELINK: You invest a certain amount of money as little as 9.4K to get about 300% returns after 12 weeks of investing.
  1. WEALTHZONE: You place One Million naira for 1 year minimal and get 10% returns per month.
  1. HAZONWAO: You place One million naira and get 10% per month but you may place lower and get 5-9% percent.
  1. ZENON: You also place One million and get 10% per month though there are rumours that this investment is not available to the public.
  1. SEFTEG: You invest a minimum of 50K and get 30% monthly. You can also invest for your kids @ 25k to get 15 k returns after 3 months. 5% also goes to referrals. You also get dividend if you put 300K and above. Your capital expires after 2 years.
  1. INLAND BANK SAPHIRE FLASH CLUB: This involves Multi Level Marketing (MLM). You can make 2.5 Million by registering through someone with 1K and 500 naira monthly contribution together with introducing 10 people and each of them introducing other 10. It revolves!
  1.  CANADIAN DIAMONDS: Involves Multi Level Marketing (MLM); all you need is $540 to get $2,500 in 12 weeks. You pay for 2 down-lines and the 2 brings 2 each. Almost 400% interest and your initial investment remains the same.
  1. 6K 4 U:  The same model with the Canadian dollars except the returns is very high. With 130 dollars initial capital, you get 6K dollars in 12 weeks and 7 days free vacation in about 1,500 resort centers with little effort marketing.

I hope I have been able to exhaust them all; if not, please, you are free to add more in the comment box. These are just a summary of the 10 Coup is Coup that I am aware of. So in making decision of which to follow, I believe it is better to go with the greatest returns placing the monies that would not give you sleepless night. I have decided to join the “6K 4 U” club and anybody interested in joining this club to reap 6K dollars in 12 weeks and enjoy free vacation with as little as 130 dollars, you may contact me so we may form a team to reap this money ASAP.

My team would be a team of 8! That means I need only 8 people at my first level but the first 2 people would definitely be the most fortunate so you may contact me by clicking HERE. I would get in touch with you so we may strategize on how to make clean money with minimal effort and the greatest return so far. Adeolu Akinyemi is my up-stream so you are sure of joining the winning team.

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